Website Subcommittee

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Web Subcommittee is to establish and maintain a presence on the World Wide Web for APHA-SA and its activities. It also serves to connect members to available informational resources within the online public health community. The Website Subcommittee is part of the Communications Committee.


  • Establish and maintain news of the current state of APHA-SA activities.
  • Provide interactive forum for individuals to find information about APHA-SA and APHA-SA-sponsored events.
  • Allow all APHA-SA committees to maintain contact with each other and to share news of current activities with members and officers.
  • Educate the public health student community about APHA-SA and generate public health awareness.

For more information, the Website Subcommittee Chair.

Website comments or suggestions? the webmaster.
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