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APHA Student Assembly Strategic Plan 2002-2005


APHA-SA will further the development of students, the next generation of professionals in public health and health-related disciplines.


APHA-SA is a student-led international organization within APHA representing students of public health and other health-related disciplines. We are dedicated to enhancing students' educational experiences and professional development by providing information, resources, and opportunities through communication, advocacy, and networking.


Goal 1. Increase student representation in APHA


  1. Recruit and retain members
  2. Recruit and retain APHA-SA leaders
  3. Recruit and actively promote members for APHA governance positions

Goal 2. Develop and disseminate educational and professional development resources


  1. Develop, maintain, and improve APHA-SA website resources including guides and databases
  2. Develop, maintain, and update materials to guide APHA-SA volunteer committee members
  3. Develop, maintain, and update materials to guide APHA-SA program participants

Goal 3. Create and promote opportunities for student involvement within APHA-SA, APHA, and other health-related organizations


  1. Increase student participation in APHA and APHA-SA program plans
  2. Recruit and match National Mentoring Program in Public Health participants
  3. Recruit and guide APHA-SA committee chairs
  4. Recruit and guide APHA-SA committee members
  5. Foster collaboration between APHA-SA and other health-related organizations
  6. Encourage APHA-SA student involvement in APHA's Section, SPIG and Caucus activities

Goal 4. Provide and sustain vehicles for communication


  1. Facilitate communication among APHA-SA members
  2. Facilitate local-level communication with students and administration
  3. Facilitate communication between APHA-SA, APHA governance and staff, and other health-related organizations

Goal 5. Advocate for student issues and public and health-related policy


  1. Train membership so they can effectively advocate
  2. Inform membership so they are aware of issues and are able advocate and take action
  3. Identify and build consensus around APHA-SA priority issues
  4. Facilitate advocacy by APHA-SA members
  5. Promote APHA-SA positions on priority issues

Goal 6. Facilitate networking among students and professionals


  1. Promote student and professional interaction via APHA-SA programs and services
  2. Facilitate the growth of interaction between students and professionals via APHA-SA activities and services

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