Programming Committee

According to the Institute of Medicine's 1988 report entitled "The Future of Public Health": "Progress in public health in the United States has been greatly advanced throughout its history by outstanding individuals...Today the need for leaders is too great to leave their emergence to chance." This committee centers itself on the notion that public health leaders are needed internationally and should be cultivated from the time they begin their public health career. We are committed to creating, soliciting, and providing opportunities for students and new professionals to develop leadership skills, explore public health careers, meet and network with current public health leaders, and we encourage debates on and development of innovative public health curricula.


The vision of this committee is to facilitate the capability of students and new professionals to seek and create their own leadership and career development opportunities, to direct their careers, and to meet their goals and definitions of success in public health.

Mission Statement:

This committee is prefaced on the belief that leadership and career development are implicitly important to support the development of leaders in public health and that it is the responsibility of this committee to promote the development of effective leaders with all the necessary tools to improve the public's health in our communities, in our nations, and on our planet.


Through APHA annual meeting programming and other opportunities we will address the following:

  • Leadership
  • Career development
  • Training
  • Develop programming that enables students internationally to pursue interests
  • Provide opportunities for members to gain leadership experience by participating in program development and literature review, etc.
  • Provide opportunities for networking with peers and potential mentoring in programming.
  • Work with other APHA-SA standing committees to facilitate their objectives.
    • Particularly in membership recruitment at the annual meeting and relationship development with other APHA sub-organizations.
  • Prepare students for leadership positions in APHA and in their careers.
  • Sponsor and co-sponsor award competitions for student papers.
  • Sponsor and co-sponsor sessions at the APHA annual meeting.
  • Encourage submission of quality student papers to AJPH and other journals.

The 135th APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition will be held in Washington, DC from November 3-7, 2007.

To join the programming committee, the committee co-chairs.

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