Diversity of the APHA Student Assembly

By Maranda Ward, Past Diversity Chair (2003 - 2005)

What exactly is meant by the term DIVERSITY? The current APHA Student Assembly (APHA-SA) members represent many Associated Schools of Public Health (ASPH) across various geographic regions. However, a gap remains between the numbers of male versus female students, DrPH and RN degrees sought versus MPH and PhD degrees sought and international/global health studies versus epidemiologic studies. Similarly, diminutive rates of the racial/ethnic distribution of students continue.

Are such disparities indicative of the low enrollment of students in the aforementioned areas or simply a failure on our behalf to reach these populations? The answer to this question remains unanswered. Therefore, the APHA-SA Diversity committee aims to recruit and sustain the membership of a diverse student body and develop initiatives and campaigns that address the multicultural competencies needed by future public health professionals. All APHA student members are automatically members of the APHA-SA.

Given this context, the 1st campaign of the Diversity Committee will include contacting student public health organizations to urge them to encourage their members to 1) join APHA as a student member and 2) become involved with the APHA-SA. Each of these organizations will be provided with the APHA-SA mission statement, current APHA-SA programs and include a list of APHA-SA committees with the chairperson(s) contact information. Most importantly is that these organizations add the APHA-SA link (http://www.aphastudents.org) to their current websites. We welcome students to send this information to the faculty and student listservs at their schools and other public health related listservs in which they are currently subscribed (we just ask that you contact us with information regarding all of your efforts). Students may also send us a list of organizations/listservs in which they are involved so that WE may send out this information. Please the Diversity Committee Co-Chairs for more information on how to assist in this campaign or to join the APHA-SA Diversity Committee.

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