Development Committee

A robust financial base is essential if the APHA Student Assembly is to see its Strategic Plan come into fruition. The Development Committee must ensure that the APHA-SA is enhanced in terms of its operating status. Whether it be expanding the sophistication of the website, printing striking APHA-SA promotional literature, or sending delegates to relevant conventions and conferences, adequate funds are necessary. The Development Committee will support each APHA-SA committee in their efforts to acquire funding for various projects and programs. At the same time, a particular concern of the Development Committee is securing discretionary funding, money that is not intended for a specific purpose. With such funding, the APHA-SA will have the freedom to spend and save as it sees fit and according to its objectives. We encourage members to submit questions or suggestions regarding the committee's efforts; feel free to contact us.


The Development Committee will:

  • Manage all APHA-SA fundraising activities;
  • Solicit in-kind support for APHA-SA structural operations;
  • Assist individual APHA-SA committees in searching for and securing grants; and
  • Direct efforts to increase the level of discretionary funds.

General Fundraising

The Development Committee will cooperate with the Treasurer/Finance Committee to assess the financial needs of the APHA-SA and will then formulate supplemental fundraising programs.

In-Kind Support

The Development Committee will consult with the officers and individual APHA-SA committees to determine the need for and will actively pursue the acquisition of specific goods and services that will contribute toward enhanced APHA-SA operations.

Grant Funding

The Development Committee will assist individual APHA-SA committees in obtaining grant funding for their specific programs and initiatives.

Discretionary Funds

The Development Committee will establish a sponsorship and giving program that will target potential individual, institutional, and corporate contributors.

Get Involved

If you have a desire to help secure monetary resources for APHA Student Assembly efforts, consider joining the Development Committee. Throughout this season, the Development Committee will be actively seeking out potential sources of discretionary funding through developing the Capital Campaign mentioned below. At the same time, however, the Committee will continue in its role by being a key avenue by which to obtain resources and services for APHA-SA operations. Experienced individuals are welcomed, but experience is not necessary to be placed on the Committee. Prospective committee members need only motivation, creativity, and a willingness to work. Contact the for more information.

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