Communication Committee Objectives and Strategies

The Communications Committee disseminates pertinent information to PHSC members and strives to carry out the following objectives and strategies:

Objective 1: Production and distribution of the official APHA-SA newsletter "News & Views" 4 times per year.

  • Strategy 1 - Maintain a production schedule that coincides with other Caucus mailings (e.g. Call for Nominations, Annual Meeting, etc.)
  • Strategy 2 - Develop basic layout and formatting that is standard for brochures and other Caucus materials as well as the newsletter so all can be mailed together if needed.
  • Strategy 3 - Solicit content from committees and members.
  • Strategy 4 - Uphold efficient printing and distribution costs, especially donated printing services, advertisements for the newsletter, and posting of newsletter on Web site instead of mailing.
  • Strategy 5 - Maintain a list of members who do not have access to the Web pages or who have otherwise expressed a desire to have the newsletter mailed to them.

Objective 2: Creation and timely maintenance of the APHA-SA Web pages and listservs.

  • Strategy 1 - Develop and uphold a maintenance schedule for updating membership listing, newsletter, and other Web page content.
  • Strategy 2 - Solicit content from committees to update the Web pages as appropriate after the Annual Meeting and ongoing throughout the year.
  • Strategy 3 - Develop password-protected areas on the Web pages that only members can access to include, but not limited to, job/opportunity postings.
  • Strategy 4 - Subscribe, upkeep, and maintenance of all listservs including the general listserv, board listserv and development of a new listserv with the Advancement Committees for job opportunities and other postings.
  • Strategy 5 - Develop a more effective forum for discussion of issues and improve knowledge of the Assembly and its programs via the Web pages.

Objective 3: Creation and timely maintenance of database of APHA Section chairs, Board members, and other leaders.

  • Strategy 1 - Maintain a list of Section chairs, Board members, and other APHA leaders. Update the list following the Annual Meeting.
  • Strategy 2 - Mail the newsletter to this database.

Objective 4: Provide administrative support to the APHA-SA.

  • Strategy 1 - Take minutes at Executive Meetings and determine protocols for distribution such as e-mail distribution to the Board and regularly posting to the Web site.
  • Strategy 2 - Order, maintain, and distribute letterhead, business cards, and any other official Caucus stationary.

Objective 5: Maintain a historical archive for the APHA-SA

  • Strategy 1 - Archive and maintain all official PHSC correspondence and minutes in an orderly manner.
  • Strategy 2 - Create and maintain an ongoing scrapbook including Caucus photos and other important memorabilia of the Caucus. This should be prepared to be displayed at the Annual Meeting and at other events as needed.
  • Strategy 3 - Appoint an official photographer at Caucus events such as the Annual Meeting and the mid-year retreat.

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