Biosketch: Tamar Klaiman

Involvement in APHA-SA: Chair (2007-2008), Chair-Elect (2006 - 2007), Student Meeting Committee Chair (2006), Student Meeting Committee Member (2005)

School: Temple University

Department: Public Health

Degree Program: PhD in Public Health

Practice/Research Interests: Health policy, emergency preparedness and response, special populations risk communication, bioethics, and organ donation and transplantation.

Plans after school:
Continue with my research agenda and obtain a faculty position in a school or program of public health.

Personal Statement about APHA-SA:
The Student Assembly is committed to offering students a voice in public health and within the American Public Health Association. I am constantly amazed at the intelligence, committment, and dedication that students show for the health and welfare of others. I feel honored to know so many fantastic students and look forward to being their colleagues throughout my career.


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