Biosketch: Ryan Estaris

Involvement in APHA-SA: Development Committee Co-Chair (2006 - 2007)

School: Tulane University

Department: Community Health Sciences / Epidemiology

Degree Program: MPH, expected 2007

Practice/Research Interests: Cardiovascular and Reproductive Epidemiology.

Other Leadership Activities: Vice-President, Graduate and Professional Student Association; Senator & Whip, Tulane School of Public Health, Student Government Association; Campus Liaison, APHA-SA.

Plans after school:
Doctoral program in Epidemiology.

Personal Statement about APHA-SA:
As a visiting student at Emory Rollins School of Public Health during the fall of 2005, I first heard about the American Public Health Association - Student Assembly from the current Chair-elect Darren Mays. Darren's enthusiasm for the APHA-SA and for public health activism was very inspiring, and I eventually wanted to bring the same enthusiasm and activism to the Tulane School of Public Health. Here in New Orleans there is a need for Public Health activism. Also, I am very proud to work with an incredible group of individuals who share the same goal of promoting public health.


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