Biosketch: Lenette Golding

Involvement in APHA-SA: Campus Liaison Subcommittee Chair (2006 - 2007)

School: University of Georgia

Department: Mass Communication

Degree Program: PhD, expected 2008

Practice/Research Interests: Health Communication

Plans after school:
Post-doc or research position at a school of public health or with a health organization.

Personal Statement about APHA-SA:
The first time I stepped through the doors of Emory to pursue an MPH I remember exclaiming, "This is it!" I was so jazzed to be there and I'm even more passionate about working in the field of public health now. Schools of public health and public health organizations tend to be filled with the type of people that move me, make me think, and dream. Individuals working in public health have what I call the "public health gene." They are the type of folks that can transform ideals into action. They tend to value the chance to do good more than the size of their paycheck and even when times are difficult they are able to maintain commitment to the health and well being of individuals around the world. It is because of the extraordinary people and opportunities that I have encountered in my short career that I wanted to be the Campus Liaison Chair for APHA-SA. Students need to know what an invaluable resource APHA and APHA-SA can be to them.


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